just checking this out!

Good morning! Well, we've been married exactly 2 weeks now, and so far so good! ;o)

No, really... it's wonderful to finally be home, and we are enjoying every moment of settling our lives together and making our family whole!

We're just checking this out a little right now, since we need a blog to be able to respond to others... We'll try to put some stuff on here when we get a little more settled!


-Annalise & Andrew

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Steven & Shannon said...

Hey Annalise - WELCOME to the blogging world! Blogger is SOOOO much fun and a great way to keep in touch with people! You will find a ton of links to people on our blog. I'm going to be adding yours to mine as well. Does Erik have one?

When oh when are you going to post wedding photos???

Hope all is still going well!


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