23 week baby bump!

23.5 weeks actually!  :o)

This was taken last night at about midnight, 
and I was exhausted and looked it, 
so I wouldn't let Andrew take a picture of my face!  :o)  

This is our kitty cuddling with my belly!
One of his new favorite things is to lay on my lap
and use my belly as a pillow...
until the baby wakes up and kicks him, that is!  :o)


andrew's first feel!

Just a quick note...

Andrew got to feel baby "?" for the first time last night while we were laying in bed watching tv!  :o)  It was a lot of fun for him, as I have been enjoying the wiggles for several weeks now...  and I'm pretty sure he was getting a little jealous!  

Baby "?" put on a good show for his dad...  wiggling and pushing at his hand for almost an hour!   So fun!!

And I'm still working on getting that new belly pic taken...  Now I keep forgetting to get the camera out of Andrew's car!  I know, I know... It's always something isn't it?  This is ridiculous!  :o)


christmas time is near...

Here's a close up of our (finally) decorated tree!  :o)  
Yep, we got to enjoy looking at a bare christmas tree 
for a week before we actually got busy!

Andrew and I on a lazy saturday playing games with friends!

Here's a full shot of the tree...  all 17 feet of it!  :o)
If anyone has any tricks for taking a good lit-tree pic,
I'd love to know!  This was the best I could do...

And last...  our curious kitty investigating the ladder and the tree!  
He was in kitty heaven all weekend playing with this ladder! 

My next project will be getting some new belly pics taken!  I keep hearing that I'm getting big, so I guess it's time for a new round of shots!  (If I can only get Andrew home early enough to do them before I turn into a pumpkin for the night!)

God Jul everyone! 


Baby Boy Thomas...

fast asleep...  curled up in a little "baby ball"!

I think the pic is pretty clear, but in case it's not...  his head is on the left and that's his spine you can see curled up.  And those two little dots on the bottom right are his knees tucked up underneath him!

He got about two-thirds of the way through his measurements and decided that it was all just too exhausting for him, so he went to sleep...  and would not be woken for anything!  So, chances are I will have another ultra-sound to get the rest of the measurements...  I'm not going to complain about that though!  :o)

For the first half of the appointment, it seemed very likely that we would not be finding out the sex!  He was not going to open his legs...  yep, he's stubborn already!  Andrew says he's like his mom!  ;o)  We'll see about that!!

We'll work on a new belly pic soon...  or should I say as soon as andrew is home long enough to take one!  

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