a sad day

I have never, in my life, felt so sad that a battery would die!  In a few short days I have become so attached to my camera that I feel somewhat lost without it.  What if Bjorn does something especially cute today?  Or makes an especially sweet face when he naps?  I will have to treasure that shot in my heart, and apologize for not being able to share it with you!

So, in honor of my lack-of-camera today (and the fact that I really was going to try to upload some newer pictures today - also requiring those same batteries that we are out of!) here's a picture of my little man last week!

I love that yawn!!


Life as a mom...

I can't believe how much I love being a mom...  life feels so amazingly RIGHT now, and in some ways I feel like I have been Bjorn's mom forever, even though he has only been here a week.  

I have so much to say, but no words right now to describe the thoughts and feelings I am having, other than to say:  I love being a mom.  I was made to be a mom.  Life is good!


if a picture is worth a thousand words...

...this one says it all!

We're still at the hospital waiting for the final ok to leave...  
bjorn has actually been discharged, but they haven't discharged me yet! 
Go figure!  :o)

Thanks for all the prayers and well-wishes!  We feel so blessed to have so many loving people in our lives whom bjorn will get to be blessed by as we have!


here he is!

Bjorn Mikael Thomas


6lbs 15oz
20.2 inches

Mom and baby are doing great...  
trying to rest up after our big day yesterday!
More pics to come when we get home to our camera cord!


38 week bump... and a watermelon?

38 weeks!  

And then we realized we had a watermelon!
(or would that be TWO watermelons?!)

Thanks for keeping me company this weekend, Kelc...
and for being my photographer!
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