7 more weeks.  50 days.  I am SO ready.  

And right now I am looking out my window at a ton of snow that surprised us in the night after beautiful spring-like weather lately, and thinking that's what this is all like!  Spring is here (in my heart), the countdown is on, and I am ready for baby.  But of course, with his day of arrival will come a snowstorm of pain, anxiety, anticipation, joy, excitement, worry, and all the things that go along with the 'snow storm' of labor!  I only pray that the storm will be beautiful in it's craziness, and will quickly warm up and melt into a glorious spring and summer of new life and joy!

Bring on the snow baby!  I'm ready when you are...


crib, cradle and new friends...

So, we're finally feeling ready for baby!
(Actually I am feeling way beyond ready!)

His crib is all set up...

and his first friend is waiting patiently for him to arrive!

We were also loaned this beautiful cradle
that my uncle Joel made,
which has been shared and passed around for 30 years!

I couldn't believe how big the crib box was!
It weighed 148 pounds!

Andrew got the whole thing put together in about 50 minutes,
including taking it all out of the box,
which was the hardest (and messiest) part!  :o)
Of course now my living room is covered in cardboard,
foam and plastic - waiting to be thrown out...
Navy will be thrilled to play with it all!  
(before he has to take it all outside, that is!)

Hurry up baby!  
We want to meet you and show you your new room!


nursery colors...

For those who have been asking...  here's the nursery pics!  

(It's far from being ready - no crib, etc. -
but it's painted and that's a HUGE start!!)  
I love it!



and AFTER!!

Notice that our kitty has made himself quite at home in this cozy little room!  
Of course, I spend a good little bit of time just sitting in there too...  
imagining where things will go, 
and what it will be like when he's here!


30 week bump pic...

Here's the most recent belly pic...
30 weeks!

I only wish I was motived enough to not take these pics 
at 11 at night - in my pajamas, 
but that seems to be the pattern!  :o)


10 weeks...

70 days!  

Sometimes I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by!  (And other times, I feel like it has been forever and 10 more weeks is an eternity!)  :o)  In just 10 weeks (give or take a few!) I will get to meet my son for the first time, outside my body.  I will get to hold  him... to look at his face, into his eyes...  and feel the protective mother-love pour out of me, consuming all that I am.  I get to meet my son!

Just knowing that that time is coming makes my heart jump.  I have never been more ready, and at the same time less ready, for anything in my life.  Being a mom (his mom) is what I was created for, and have spent my life preparing for... and is also something so foreign to me that I can hardly dream what my heart will feel, and what my life will become, when he is born.  I already love him so much it hurts, but am also well-aware that I have barely experienced the tip of the iceberg of this all-consuming mother-love!

So, my sweet little baby _____ ...  I love you.   I can't wait to meet you.  And the count-down has officially begun!  

What a ride!


andrew's 'game day' nachos & more...

Andrew was so excited about our 'game day' nachos, that he wanted pictures to show them off!  We basically just topped each chip with it's toppings, instead of just piling everything all over...  SO yummy!  Oh, and I made my aunt Marie's famous 7-layer dip (in the background!) also!  

And since we're posting food pics, I thought I would add my favorite obsession recently...  baking bread!  (especially these, my grandma Erdahl's buns!)  

Did this make you all as hungry as it just made me?  :o)
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