my milk craving...

...has now turned into a full-blown 
Breyers Vanilla/Chocolate/Strawberry 
ice cream craving!

And no, it's not just an ice cream craving in general.  It is a very specific craving for this particular brand and flavor.  Weird?  Of course!  But less weird for me than a milk craving?  Absolutely!

I really don't know what brought this on.  I knew something was coming, because I kept wanting ice cream...  but as my freezer-full of barely-tasted-ice-cream-containers can attest, nothing was satisfying!  Then one morning I woke up and couldn't get the idea of this one particular flavor out of my mind.  So, on my next shopping trip, I picked up a carton and yep...  that was it!  Now I am just trying really hard not to have ice cream for EVERY meal, and at least have some breakfast or dinner once in a while!  :o)

I am, in case you were wondering, thoroughly enjoying this new craving!  And am SO glad to be somewhat over the worst of my milk craving...  I was getting really tired of that.  So boring!!

Oh, and by the way, Andrew does not get to enjoy this Breyers Vanilla/Chocolate/Strawberry obsession with me...  he does, however, get to enjoy eating all the other flavors in our freezer that did not satisfy my 'craving'!  :o)

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amy + ryan said...

that's great. i love pregnancy ice cream. mine always involved nuts, though. but to each her own! it's so great to be able to say, "the baby needs ice cream!" and i'm glad, for you, that you're mostly "over" milk. :)

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