so much to say...

...and at the same time so little to say!  I don't even know where to start.  I have had a case of mushy-brain for quite a while now, and I need to snap out of it.

My baby is growing up.  He is so not a baby anymore.  He is a moving, playing, ball of energy that is full of personality and spunk.

He has been busy growing teeth...  He's up to 6 so far, and the latest 4 have yet to be photographed.  He's just not having it!

He is a crawling machine now...  he's all over the place!  (Maybe that's why my brain has turned to mush??)

He's learning to take a few steps... with a little help from his daddy, of course.

And he's even been growing some hair!  

Ok, I know it doesn't look like he has any hair, but trust me...  for him this is a TON of hair!

Oh, and the best part is all the yummy foods he has been experiencing.  Yep, my boy is turning out to be a foodie :o) and we are proud!  He is so over baby food...  if we're having it, he wants it too!  Love it!!!  Tonight's tastes?  Scallops!  I had a hard time keeping my own dinner with him wanting it all.

Well, there's the latest in our lives...  Maybe my brain will un-mush itself and there will be more to come?!  (I'm working on his birth story at least, so I am accomplishing something!  Be watching for it in the next few months...  it's a long one!)

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