16 month old vocab and a new friend!

As I was telling our new favorite person (Bjørn's very first real babysitter!) about Bjørn's lack of speech so far, I was reminded of the few words he does say and the fact that I haven't written them down yet!

The only 'real' word he says (real as in clearly and the same as you and I would say it) is:


The rest (in order of usage...):

"Da" = Dad
"Do" = Dora
"Boo-a, boo-a, boo-a" = Bua, bua, bua.
          (part of a norwegian lullabye - his bedtime song!)
"Ma" = Map
"Ba" = Backpack

and that's about it!  Can you tell he has a slight love-affair with Dora the Explorer?

Oh, and here's his newest friend on his very first night being babysat (by non-family).  He loved her from the beginning and cried when she left, not when we left!  :o)

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