warning! These pics are a little graphic!

I know, I know... kind of gross! But some people get a kick out of these kinds of photos, so I thought I would share them! :o)

This cast feels a lot better on than the last one, and helps me feel a little more mobile, at least! Turns out the healing is going a little slower than they thought, so now it will be 6 more weeks of crutches, instead of 4 more. Oh well... there must be a reason for all of this! :o) (That's me trying to keep a positive attitude, in case you couldn't tell!) ;o)

love and hugs!


Steven, Shannon & Bennett said...

Uff Da! It sounds like things are going as well as can be expected. Hope you heal up quickly!!!

It's fun that you update this thing now. ;o) It would be fun to see photos of where you live!

AnticiPlate said...

Annalise! Those scars look terrible:( I am so sorry, but it looks like you are doing much better than you were. I love the color of your cast...red wine.....hahahah:)

I did not know you were also a blogger. I will be checking back often!!!!

Love, Kari

Steven, Shannon & Bennett said...

I love the new chocolatey background, but for pete's sake - please upload a new photo so we don't have to see that foot anymore!!! :o)

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