Baby Boy Thomas...

fast asleep...  curled up in a little "baby ball"!

I think the pic is pretty clear, but in case it's not...  his head is on the left and that's his spine you can see curled up.  And those two little dots on the bottom right are his knees tucked up underneath him!

He got about two-thirds of the way through his measurements and decided that it was all just too exhausting for him, so he went to sleep...  and would not be woken for anything!  So, chances are I will have another ultra-sound to get the rest of the measurements...  I'm not going to complain about that though!  :o)

For the first half of the appointment, it seemed very likely that we would not be finding out the sex!  He was not going to open his legs...  yep, he's stubborn already!  Andrew says he's like his mom!  ;o)  We'll see about that!!

We'll work on a new belly pic soon...  or should I say as soon as andrew is home long enough to take one!  

1 comment:

Steven, Shannon, Bennett and Baby said...

Cute! I always love seeing baby's spines. Is that strange? :o)

Will be fun to see your expanding belly!

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