It's a...


We are SO excited...  especially Navy!!  Oh, and yes we have a name, but no, we are not telling anyone until  he's born!  Gotta have some element of surprise, right?  :o)

Thanks for going on this journey with us!  We can't wait for you all to meet him!

          Oh, and here's a fun recent Navy comment:  
          (during his bedtime prayers)

          "God, please let our baby be a boy, and not a vegetarian!"
          (and no, we have NO idea where that came from!!)  :o)

We'll post the ultrasound pics and some new belly pics soon.  We love you all!

-Andrew, Annalise & Navy


amy + ryan said...

yay! congratulations - your feeling was right. :) i'm glad you were able to find out. and now... on to names!

Colleen said...

So happy!!!! God always knows best and think of all those little boy cousins.....

Steven, Shannon, Bennett and Baby said...

YAHOO!!! SOOO excited for you guys! Boys are GREAT!!!

Ekelund Fam said...

Congratulations!! Happy baby boy to you guys!

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