a sad day

I have never, in my life, felt so sad that a battery would die!  In a few short days I have become so attached to my camera that I feel somewhat lost without it.  What if Bjorn does something especially cute today?  Or makes an especially sweet face when he naps?  I will have to treasure that shot in my heart, and apologize for not being able to share it with you!

So, in honor of my lack-of-camera today (and the fact that I really was going to try to upload some newer pictures today - also requiring those same batteries that we are out of!) here's a picture of my little man last week!

I love that yawn!!


The Erickson Family said...

You scared me! I like seeing the super-newborn photos anyway! :o) I'm the same way though about taking photos. I take them every day. It's fun though because then I can compare day for day the following year!

Dan and Christine Lawson said...

He is just beautiful and I am so glad to see that little yawn! Very sweet! Hope you are feeling well too!

amy + ryan said...

oh, he's so beautiful. i'm so glad you're loving mommying! can't wait to see more photos!

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