more Bjørn pics...


First I want to explain this one... 
no, I was not just ignoring my screaming baby boy 
so I could get a picture!  
This was taken at the doctor's office on the day of his circumcision.  
Do you think he knew what was coming?!  
Really, he just hates to be cold, 
and we had to undress him in order to get his weight! 

This is one of my favorite pictures!  
Doesn't he have such beautiful long fingers? 

And the announcement of our little man!  
This was up at Andrew's work for over a week... 
 so fun to see his name in 'lights' and all the town knows he's here!  
(of course most have already butchered the pronouncement 
of his name...  this is definitely NOT a scandinavian town!)

I have posted lots more pictures here, so check them out! 
Amy and Ryan, I seem to have stolen your 
"days of Paisley" theme...  I hope you don't mind?

1 comment:

amy + ryan said...

We absolutely do not mind. If you've stolen it, you haven't stolen it from us! I think I saw someone do the same kind of daily picture journal of their life, thought it was a neat idea and have tried to put one together of Paisley's first year. It's been very fun. So have at it!

And congratulations! You're right, he does have such beautiful long fingers. So precious. Enjoy!


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