shrinking crocs

Apparently I have discovered a way to make a tiny size 2/3 pair of crocs!  (The smallest size they sell for babies is 4/5.)

I have washed crocs before, and never noticed a difference, but this time I threw them in with the regular laundry (in two separate loads, because I couldn't find one for a while!) and one is now significantly smaller than the other.

This is not a big deal for us, as I was just washing these to put away for baby #2, but hopefully I will be able to shrink the bigger one down to the same as the now smaller one!   :o)

Check out the pics!  (And yes, I promise these are the same pair of crocs, and they were well worn and loved by Bjørn all summer long!)

Actually I think the shoe that shrunk so much actually looks nicer and newer now than the other!

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