11.5 weeks... belly pic!

Here it is!  Our first official pic of the baby belly!  It's not much, but it's definitely there and my pants officially do not button anymore!  :o)  We are in our 11th week right now, and feeling better every day...  due to the help of meds for the nausea and iron pills now that I found out I am anemic!  (That was definitely not helping the exhaustion factor and I can already tell a huge difference in just a few days of being on the extra iron!)

I already can't wait for April to be here so I can hold this little baby in my arms, but I guess I will try and enjoy this pregnancy and the peace and quiet before it's gone!  :o)  I'm so excited to get back to life now that the worst of the nausea and exhaustion seems to be behind us!  Oh, and yes...  I am in my pajamas!  :o)  We took this pic at 10:30 last night...  I was way beyond ready for bed already!!

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Steven, Shannon and Bennett said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE! Look at that tiny little bump! You are so adorable!

Are you on Zofran too? Glad they caught the anemia so you can feel better!

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