baby's first picture!

We had our first doctor's appointment yesterday...  It was so fun to see our baby for the first time!  The picture is not very clear, because I have a tilted uterus - which just means baby is too far back in my body for them to get a very clear picture yet with a traditional ultrasound!

This is a profile shot.  And no, that thing sticking up is not baby's arm, it is his or her nose and mouth!  :o)  The dark shadow to the right of it is the eye socket.  But I know that it can be hard to see!  I had the advantage of seeing baby in motion, with heart beating so it was easier to see what I am seeing!  Oh and right in the middle of the ultrasound, baby did a little jog and waved at us...  it was so fun to see!  

And yes, we are planning on finding out the sex of our baby, which we will find out the day after Thanksgiving...  and will promptly notify the world!  :o)


Jessica Young said...

Isn't that just the best experience ever. I remember our first picture of Olyvia (and Ellie too of course) and it was just so amazing. Our first picture of each of them they were not as developed as your little one and looked more like peanuts or kidney beans. How did you like Julie? We love hearing your updates and can't wait to hear more. Also - we need to get together for dinner sometime . . . We would love to have you out to our little place.

Steven, Shannon and Bennett said...

CONGRATULATIONS on getting to see the baby and what joy it is to see that little heart beating strong, isn't it? Seeing that there really is someone developing in there makes the icky worth it, doesn't it? It becomes so much more real. It sure will be fun to check the blog the day after Thanksgiving for the big announcement!

fun with four said...

Yay! What a great first picture of the baby. It is amazing what that first peek at your little one can do to make it SO real. I am really looking forward to the post of the baby's sex... are you feeling one way or the other?? Is the hair on your legs growing faster?? Old wives tale I know.. but it worked for me. If the hair grows faster it is a boy because you have more testosterone in your body... girl less hair. I don't know if there is really any merit to it.. but like I said.. it worked for me. smile. Waiting for a picture of the pregnant momma!! Hopefully you are starting to feel better!

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