4 days...

...until we (hopefully!) find out if it's a boy or a girl!!  :o)

Keep watch for an update this weekend with the news! 


Steven, Shannon and Bennett said...

Are you just SOOO excited?!

I'll always remember the day you found out because it's our 10 year anniversary on Friday. :o)

Jessica Young said...

Now remember, there are times when people go in to find out and the tech can't tell or isn't 100% sure. Don't get too set on knowing because then you will be really disapointed if you don't find out. That is one of my biggest regrets from my pregnancy with Olyvia - setting myself up for dissapoinment. Wanting things to go a certain way and when they didn't I was way sad. Anyway . . . I hope you get the info you want though. :)

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