adjusting to life with two under two...

has been an interesting journey so far.
The first few days were a blur of blissful emotion and joy as I got to meet and enjoy the baby I had thus far known only in my heart and my womb.
The rest of that first month, however, was one of the most difficult times of my life so far.

In those first weeks, I felt completely overwhelmed and helpless.

Lost, alone and hopeless.

I felt like I was attempting an impossible task...  mothering two, for the most part on my own... and couldn't figure out how so many had done this before me and had come out unscathed.

How did they do it?  How did they find enough strength to get through each non-stop, demanding and seemingly never-ending day?  How did they meet the demanding needs of both toddler and baby, often at the same time?

Well,  in some ways I still wonder those same things...  though I have added myself to the equation.  How have I done it so far?  How have I found the strength to survive each day?

I only wish I knew.

How did you do it??

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