an update...

Haakon's MRI was clear and they were able to remove the skin tag!  We were discharged  at 1:30am Sunday morning and were able to go home to my parents house...  It has never felt so good to walk out of a hospital!

After a rough night/day of getting back to 'normal', we are home now and getting back in to the swing of things.   Haakon is doing much better, although he is still very tired from his ordeal, and a little bit scared of not being fed again.

I know that sounds odd to say about a 7 week old, but it's true.  If he has to wait even a minute to eat when he's hungry, he starts to freak out like he's not going to be fed all day again.  (It ended up being over 12 hours of not eating for him on Saturday... torture for both of us!)

He also has a very sore throat from being intubated and is beyond exhausted, but it is getting better.  I can't even express how painful that was to see him so miserable after coming out of anesthesia.  He was so hungry, but his throat hurt so badly that he couldn't eat, so he would just bob around popping on and off, taking tiny sips and crying with his hoarse scratchy voice.  It absolutely broke my heart.

After a few hours of trying he finally got enough into his stomach to relax and with a bit of Tylenol was able to sleep.  The morning was much better and now I am just trying to feed him as often as he wants, as I know that breastmilk is the best medicine for his throat!

We don't actually know anything more about his MRI other than that "it was clear".  The skin 'tag' was sent to pathology and we will hear about that in a week or so, but it is also expected to be 'normal'.  We will still have an appointment with his doctor at Children's to go over everything, but at this point we believe he is completely fine and healthy!

I wish I could clearly express how strongly we felt everyone's prayers this weekend... especially at the hospital.  Haakon was an angel the whole day.  You would hardly have known how long he had gone without eating...  he was as calm as a baby can be under those circumstances!  Grandma was even able to comfort him and get him to take a pacifier, which he had NEVER done before!
I am so grateful that my mom was able to be there with us through everything.  I couldn't hold Haakon because my smell would make him more upset and remind him how hungry he was.  I can't even imagine how much more difficult it would have been if she hadn't been there with me!  (I love you mom!)

Thank you all so much for your prayers, thoughts and kind words...  we truly believe that his clear MRI and the calm spirit he had all day was a direct result of those prayers.   We love you all!

(I will update again after we have the final word from the doctors...  whenever that happens!)

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