cradle cap cure...


Two babies and two disgusting cases of cradle cap later...

I have found a solution*!

(*Disclaimer:  this is what I have found to work, for us!  I am not a doctor, or expert of any kind, and I'm not pretending to be.  I'm just sharing what worked for me.)  :o)

Ok, so here it is:

I used this Delish Natural's "Yum Bum Butter", a natural baby balm made with organic coconut oil, shea butter & cocoa butter, that I got in a Baby Bundle from Bundles and Buzz.

This stuff is amazing...  I use it for diaper rash, chapped cheeks and nose, dry skin patches...  and I am always amazed at how fast this stuff seems to improve the situation!

Anyways, I took a generous amount (a tablespoon or so!) of the yum bum butter and slathered it all over the cradle cap area on Haakon's scalp before bed.

I left it to soak in for almost a full 24 hours, until the next evening's bedtime routine.

I then took a very fine-toothed comb and gently combed off all of the now-saturated flakes (yes, it was a very gross process...  I'm just so glad it's not on his head anymore!!).

It took a little while, but Haakon didn't mind.   In fact I'm pretty sure he hardly noticed what I was doing.  He was pretty intrigued with his toys and watching his big brother take a bath!  :o)

When I finally got out all of the flakes I gave him a bath and gently shampooed his head to get out the last of the flakes and oil.

And...  voilá!  No more gross, disgusting, scaly, ugly scalp!!!  YAY!!!!

(What?!  You're not as excited as I am?  Well...  you would be if you had seen how his scalp looked before I did this!)

(Oh, and feel free to thank me for not posting pictures of said disgusting scalp on here.  Google it, if you're that curious!)  :o)

The process may need to be repeated a few times to get rid of everything, but it should work!!

You're welcome!

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