16 weeks belly pics

here we are at 16 weeks!

a close up...

and silly vester.  he doesn't like pictures.  
Or hugs for that matter!  :o)

I thought the photographer needed some face time too!

I can't believe we're at 16 weeks already!  Seems like just yesterday we found out that this little one is coming.  And I guess on the other hand it feels like forever sometimes...  I am already going stir-crazy to meet this little one!  (I know...  I know...  patience, right?  I'm working on it.  It's not like I have a choice in the matter!)


Steven, Shannon and Bennett said...

You look so adorable! Yes, hard to believe that you're already at 16 weeks! It is flying by!!!

Louie In Seattle said...

You are so cute. So is the outline of little Elias or Ingeborg. Or was that Jonas or Malmfrid? (huge smile)

Love, Dad

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