Hi!  I'm Annalise!

My husband, My Love, is Andrew...  He is a great friend and and amazing dad.  I am so blessed to be walking this life along side him!

We have 3 kiddos & another one on the way:

Navy is my 10 year old stepson...  He is a charming, spirited pre-teen who definitely keeps us on our toes.  Sometimes I blog about my life as a 'Stepmom'.  Most times I keep those things to myself.  But please feel free to reach out to me on this topic.  I love to talk to other stepmoms!

Bjørn is my 3 year old son... I never knew what being a mom really meant until he was born, and WOW does that change every. single. day.  I love that boy so much it hurts!  He is my challenge...  my passionate handful...  but in a beautiful life-changing way.  God is definitely using him to refine my spirit, and I am grateful every day for him.

Haakon is 18 months old, and he has an extra special place in my heart...  he was my first baby born at home!  He is so incredibly happy... I honestly didn't even think it was possible for a toddler to be filled with so much joy.  He laughs... all the time!  No exaggeration.

Baby Girl is due in August 2012...  and yes, I am absolutely ready to meet her!

This is our life:

I am a big city girl married to a small town boy. Every day is a joy and a challenge as I learn to live and love this small town life.

I am a foodie... with a deep passion for everything edible and for sharing what I love with others.  Food is my love language...  If I bake for you, I love you.  That's just all there is to it!

I spend my days taking care of my kiddos, trying to keep ahold of the housework and feeding my friends and family.

I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what in the world I was thinking getting 12 chicks when I was 6 months pregnant and dreaming about all the eggs I am hoping they will repay us with for our efforts!

I'm a wife & mom, a baker, a cook & a blogger.

We live a very real life, and eat as much real food as possible.  Classic, beautiful comfort food is my passion and filling my family and friends with delicious treats is where I find my joy.

I believe in living a very full life of moderation.  We have our cake and eat it too...  we just don't eat the whole thing at once.  Sharing it with friends means we don't have to feel bad about making a different cake tomorrow!

Welcome to my journey...  It's nice to meet you!

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