what it is...

this blog, I mean.

What this blog is...  is my journal.  The place I share my thoughts and my dreams, my questions and my randomness.

It's my recipe book.  The place I write down my favorite recipes, so that my children will have them all in one place someday.  So that they can recreate their memories, and even share their history with their families...  for generations to come.  So that they will know me now, when we are beyond this place.

It is my children's baby books...  their milestones and struggles.  Our life.  Who we are.

It's my journal, my recipe book, and my children's baby books...  all wrapped up into one happy little space.

One place where I can be me.  Just me.  Who I am.  Hoping that someday, someone will see me.  And be proud.

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