nursery colors...

For those who have been asking...  here's the nursery pics!  

(It's far from being ready - no crib, etc. -
but it's painted and that's a HUGE start!!)  
I love it!



and AFTER!!

Notice that our kitty has made himself quite at home in this cozy little room!  
Of course, I spend a good little bit of time just sitting in there too...  
imagining where things will go, 
and what it will be like when he's here!


fun with four said...

Oh! I love the colors!! They are my favorite! We never got to do a nursery with any of our kids.. but I love to see what other people do. I can tell that I will be jealous of your little boy's nursery.. smile.

Dan and Christine Lawson said...

I love the blue and brown together! That looks awesome! It's so fun to keep up with you and your little growing family. Keep up the great updates!

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