crib, cradle and new friends...

So, we're finally feeling ready for baby!
(Actually I am feeling way beyond ready!)

His crib is all set up...

and his first friend is waiting patiently for him to arrive!

We were also loaned this beautiful cradle
that my uncle Joel made,
which has been shared and passed around for 30 years!

I couldn't believe how big the crib box was!
It weighed 148 pounds!

Andrew got the whole thing put together in about 50 minutes,
including taking it all out of the box,
which was the hardest (and messiest) part!  :o)
Of course now my living room is covered in cardboard,
foam and plastic - waiting to be thrown out...
Navy will be thrilled to play with it all!  
(before he has to take it all outside, that is!)

Hurry up baby!  
We want to meet you and show you your new room!


amy + ryan said...

CUTE crib. soon, very soon!

The Erickson Family said...

Looks great! I can't wait to hear about baby's arrival!

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