baby's first bath... european-style!

I did a lot of research before investing in a baby-bath tub.  As I did with every other baby-related purchase we've made.  Primarily, value was key.  Even more important, though, was the durability, longevity and multi-functionality of each item.  As we plan on having more kids in the not-too-far future (and yes, I said "kids"...  as many as God leads us to desire and blesses us with!), we want our investments to last as long as possible.  

Which leads me back to my original statement...  I did a LOT of research before buying a baby-bath!  I googled.  I scoured baby-magazines and websites.  I asked around.  In fact it took me over a month after Bjorn was born to decide which one I wanted!  The end result?  This european-style tub:  

The benefits for me?  Only a small amount of water is needed.  The tub is lightweight and has easy to grip handles.  It is also very portable, and can be used anywhere...  on our various camping trips this summer, for example. Or on the bathroom floor, or in the kitchen sink:

The benefits for him?  My little man, who hates to be cold, loved it!  He was immersed up to his shoulders, and perfectly cocooned in the deep bucket-like tub that he will be able to use until he is 10 months old.  

I will admit, this was not really Bjorn's first bath, but after his miserable baths in the sink, and many sponge baths, this was the first bath he enjoyed!  So I've decided it gets the honor of his first real bath! 


K and G Ronnevik said...

That tub looks so cool! I've had 3 kids and still have not purchased a baby bath, but if I do, I think I like the looks of that one!

annalise + andrew said...

yeah, I of course contemplated just using the sink, but I couldn't get Oprah out of my head with her episode on how dirty kitchen sinks really are! (dirtier than a toilet actually!!)

Kelcie said...

I am in LOVE with that tub! Seriously, it looks like the greatest thing ever! Now all you need is the Moby, and you're set! :o)

CJ Olson said...

What a cute and neat little bathtub.....I love it! Glad that Bjorn loved his little bath!!

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