my friend moby

Wow.  That's all I can say.  Except it's not.  I actually have LOTS to say, about this miracle sanity-saving product...

I am so, so, so grateful to have been introduced to this amazing Moby Wrap.  Having an officially (yes, it's official people!) colicky baby has led us to try many, many things to keep our sweet sad little boy as content and comfortable as possible.  Doesn't he look so cozy?

He already has a sling (which worked wonders for the first several weeks, until he outgrew the cradle position in which he slept SO well!), a BabyBjorn (that his daddy can't wait to use, but we haven't had much opportunity as our Bjorn just recently grew into it!) that will be especially great for awake-time when he's got better head control, and various swings, rockers, seats, pillows, etc.  And maybe it's just the timing of my friend Moby's appearance that makes him so wonderful, but whatever it is...  it makes me this happy!

Thanks again Kelcie!  We love you!

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