a cry for help...

UPDATE: So, I'm not feeling such an urgent need for help at the moment, but I wanted to post this anyways, since I wrote this 2 days ago, but our internet hasn't been working so I couldn't post it. I will explain more about why I'm not feeling so desperate soon! :o)

...BIG time!

I need your help mamas! My 6-month-old not-so-little-anymore baby is turning a new chapter in our lives. He is growing up, doing things on his own, becoming a little man... and I am so ready to move on from holding him for naps.

Now, please just skip over the judgement on this one, and go straight to the helpful advice! :o)

I know, very well thank you, that I should have stopped holding him for his naps a long time ago. Like 5 months ago! At least that's what 'they' say. But I didn't. I couldn't. And now I am ready to begin the tough journey of weaning us from each other.

Speaking of weaning... I want to present you with the toughest challenge of this endeavor (in my opinion anyways!). Bjorn is exclusively breastfed (NO bottles) and has always fallen asleep while he nurses. Almost every time. He starts to eat and then passes out.

Can you really blame him? Cuddles and warm milk would do the same thing to me!

And then he continues to eat/sleep/eat/sleep for sometimes more than an hour. Which means not so good rest for him, and no rest for me.

The problem is, as soon as I try to un-latch him so that I can even consider moving him to his bed, he wakes up hungry and voraciously starts eating again... for 2 seconds. Then he passes out again.

And please don't say that he is manipulating me. I don't believe that a 6 month old can be manipulative, and you're not going to change my mind on that one!

Also, I am not looking at moving him to a bottle at all. So... there's my first hurdle! How do I get him to eat without falling asleep? Or at least, how do I convince him he's done eating, when he thinks he's not??

I've tried just about everything to keep him awake while he eats, and it never works. All I've succeeded in doing is getting him to STOP eating, and then when he tries again, he falls asleep,again. I'm running out of ideas mamas...

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