First Steps

Isn't it amazing how fast babies grow?  Look...  
Bjorn is already taking his first steps!

:o)  Ok, so obviously he's not.  I mean, come on, he's only 2 months old!  But, he does love to stand and has very strong little legs.  I can't believe he is almost 2 months old!  (tomorrow actually!)  

This time has flown by SO fast, and at the same time seems like an eternity...  I feel like I have known this sweet little boy forever!  Like our family was always waiting for him.  And now it feels right.  Of course, there are still a few empty spots in our family waiting to be filled, but for right now...  it is complete!  And we are happy...  colicky, sad, fussy baby and all.  Those few smiles scattered throughout our day make every tear (his and mine!) worth it!


The Erickson Family said...

Yes, he is strong!

Is he "officially" colicky, or just fussy? What suggestions have you been given to help with it?

annalise + andrew said...

he is colicky. and i've been given every suggestion under the sun! no luck yet. :o(

Nicole said...

I'm sorry Annalise, still praying for you, you are keeping a good attitude about it, it is SOO hard. Me, I went insane and was not so positive and optimistic about our colicky situation until they put me on Zoloft when Kylar was 4 mos old, that took the edge off. I couldn't fix him, so i tried fixing myself ! :)

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