mama cloth... day 1

...here we go!  :o)

First of all, for those of you who haven't heard of it before...  mama cloth is just what it sounds like: cloth pads for women.  So men, feel free to quickly scroll down and browse through some of my recipes...  since that is why you're here, right?  ;o)  And if you choose to continue reading this post...  don't say I didn't warn you!
Ok ladies, I know, I know...  it sounds like a step backwards for us doesn't it?  I mean, didn't our moms and grandmas have to use 'mama cloth' all the time, and weren't they thrilled with the invention of disposable products that they didn't have to wash?

Sure, disposable products can be very convenient.  But they can also be very uncomfortable, not to mention hard on our bodies - having all those chemicals in our most sensitive area.  Disposable pads and tampons can actually make our periods heavier and more painful as our bodies react to the unnatural chemicals that we are being exposed to!

Many of us understand this when it comes to diapering our babies.  We use cloth diapers on our babies to protect them, and also for their comfort!  (Not to mention the significant cost savings!)  So why, if cloth is good enough for our babies, is it not good enough for us?

I decided to try mama cloth partly for the cost savings, and partly for my health, but mostly for the comfort factor.  As all women know, there is a very distinct level of discomfort that comes with our periods that we all feel is inevitable.  We put up with it as best we can and count down the days until we can be 'free' again each month.  Well, I am not willing to accept that inevitability anymore.  I need to know if there is a better way!

And that brings me to today.  A few months ago I decided to buy a set of Lunapads to try during this postpartum period.  I prepped them and had them ready to go.  But the baby came last week...  and I chickened out.  I just couldn't do it.  I was afraid of the mess, the awkwardness... the unknown.

So I used the regular disposable pads I had on hand for just-in-case.  And I didn't think about my Lunapads again.  But then a few days passed and the discomfort got worse.  The oh-so-sensitive skin down there was screaming to me for relief, and I just couldn't take it anymore!

After a day of misery I remembered my stash of Lunapads that were hiding away.  I pulled them out, somewhat reluctantly, yet determined to give them a chance.  So...  what do I think??

Well, the first thing I can comment on is the comfort factor.  Yes, there is a bit of awkwardness at the different 'feel' of cloth pads compared to disposables.  But I wouldn't call it discomfort at all, it is just different.  Comfort wise, I am in a very happy place right now!

At this point I know I am much happier than I was a few days ago, and I'm sure I'll have lots more to say after I've had a chance to try these out a little longer!

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