what a craving is

For anyone who has not been pregnant, or who has never experienced intense cravings, I hope this helps you understand the mental chaos that is a true pregnancy craving.  Now of course this is just my opinion...  my experience...  but it is something, and if you have never experienced it, maybe now you will understand.

Or at least get out of the way if you and a pregnant lady are eyeing the same last container of a particular ice cream flavor at the grocery store!

I'll start with what a craving is not.  It is not a passing fancy for one food over the other.  It is not an "I think I'd like pasta tonight for dinner instead of a salad".  It is not an excuse to get whatever food one feels like eating at the moment!  It is not something that can be controlled, at least it's not for me.

What is it then?  A true craving is an all-consuming, intense, physical and emotional need for a certain food or type of food.  It is not something that can be will-powered away, or ignored.  If ignored, it often grows stronger and stronger until the need is almost desperate.  If I try to substitute a different, maybe even similar food for the one I am craving, it can sometimes offer a brief respite...  of mere minutes.  But soon the craving is back, and stronger.

Right now I am craving fruit.  All kinds of fruit, but the most intense desire is for fresh blueberries.  I fall asleep thinking about them and they are the first thing I think of when I wake up.  Unfortunately, I ate the last of our blueberries last night and today has been a miserable day of competition between the all-consuming desire for more berries and the very real need for a day of rest and not leaving the house.

Tomorrow though will bring a trip to the store for more berries, and tonight will be filled with dreams of them.  I can already taste them as their sweet juicy flesh pops in my mouth and their tart flavor consumes my taste buds.  If there was someone here to stay with Bjørn I would hop in the car right now, but it seems I will have to wait..........

So, if you see me tomorrow at Costco and we are reaching for the same container of blueberries...  please step aside and let me have them.  Otherwise I can't promise that I won't burst into tears and make a scene.

I really should have gone to the store today.

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