the bump as it grew...

The last belly picture I took during this pregnacy was at 39-weeks...  I was convinced I would go into labor early, like I did with Bjørn (baby #1 - born at 39-weeks!).

I didn't deliver Haakon (baby #2) until 41-weeks though, and so I obviously could have taken a 40-week picture, but I think I was in denial.  I didn't even want to accept the fact that I was still pregnant...  let alone document it by taking another belly pic!  :o)

You know, since that made all the difference in my hormonal, emotional state.

So, here is the belly...  starting at 12-weeks and ending when I stopped counting!  ;o)

Now I wish I had done one holding baby Haakon up against my belly when he was brand new (you've seen those before/after shots, right?)...  But, I guess there's always next time!  :o)

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