a day in the life...

... of a SAHM.  (Or, as my husband likes to call it: “Sitting around doing nothing all day.”) 

You may wonder what exactly a SAHM (stay at home mom) does all day.  Well, here’s a glimpse. Obviously, this is just one day... and just my day.  Every day and every mom is different. 

Please excuse the sloppiness of the following writing.  It is what it is.  Here goes:

H = Haakon, 3 months old.  B = Bjørn, almost 2 years old.  N = Navy, 9 years old. 

6:30am - woke up. nursed H. woke up again. nursed H again. made coffee. made the bed. diapered/dressed B after his shower. showered and dressed myself. gathered up dirty laundry. diapered H. started laundry. fed B and myself breakfast. (while moving H from place to place every few minutes to keep him from getting bored/crying.) read 2 pages in a magazine. drank coffee. cleaned-up B after breakfast. searched for missing blankie. nursed H (while rationing out B cheez-its and looking at a picture book with him). cried a bit. prayed for a friend. prayed for myself. drank more coffee. started more laundry. yelled at B to not smother H with a blanket. diapered B. videod B + H playing. rescued H from B. clothed B again. diapered H. cut fingernails (while simultaneously keeping H entertained and trying to keep B from playing in the garbage). drank water. checked phone for missed calls/texts. started this ‘list’, while simultaneously trying to keep B from torturing H. thought about going to the store this morning. decided NOT to go to the store this morning.

(It is now 11am).

ran to the bathroom. emptied diaper-trash. picked up scattered toys. dumped and cleaned coffee pot. searched again for missing blankie (still no luck). picked up fussing H. played with B + H on the floor. nursed H while playing with B on the floor. scolded B for being too rough with H. comforted B for hurting his feelings. picked up screaming H. made lunch, while entertaining B and moving H around to keep him from screaming. feb B lunch while H fussed. cleaned-up B. put B down for his nap (both boys screaming at this point, because there is only one of me and I can’t take care of them both at the same time). nursed and cuddled H while eating my now-cold lunch and watching a movie. ahhh… breaktime (body may be resting, but mind is definitely not). worked on planning B’s birthday. comforted fussing, gassy H. nursed H again. wrote a blog post/recipe. rescued B from his crib. cuddled B. diapered B. changed clothes. worked on grocery list. bundled B + H. loaded boys and myself into car. went to grocery store. stopped for gas. drove through Starbucks. drove around while waiting for N’s bus to come. picked up N from the bus stop. unloaded boys and groceries from the car. put away groceries (while wearing sleeping H in the ergo). served B + N a snack. switched out laundry. folded & put away laundry. figured out plans for dinner.

(It is now 3:30pm).

drank more water. sorted through the mail. paid bills. sent some emails. rescued B from climbing on a tall stool to reach something. diapered H. changed H’s clothes. nursed H. checked FB and pinterest while playing with H on my lap. washed dishes. prepped and cooked dinner. unloaded laundry. moved H around from place to place to keep him entertained. took pics of a visiting bobcat. served & ate dinner. washed dishes again. nursed H. handed H over to daddy to wear in the ergo for a while. finished watching dinner dishes. cleaned up kitchen. started working on a ice cream cake orders. folded & put away more laundry. more work on ice cream cakes. washed more dishes. put away dry dishes. downloaded pics from our camera. diapered B. changed B into his pjs. worked on ice cream cakes. put B to bed. served/ate ice cream. washed dishes again. got cleaned up and ready for bed. finally found missing blankie. uploaded bobcat pics to FB. diapered H. changed H into his pjs. nursed H. finished this blog post. put H to bed. and finally… I'm heading to bed myself, at 9:30pm.

Are you tired yet?  I know I am…

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