why I love bedtime...

and it's not exactly why you'd think.

Yes, I do love that it means another day is done, and the time for rest is upon us.

Some days, more than others, I am amazed to have made it through one more day.

But most days, a part of me is sad to have to say goodbye for the long hours that are 'bedtime'.

Yes, I may be thrilled for the first hour or two after the boys are in bed, but it's not long before I miss them.

I miss these breaths of life that fill my heart with so much pride and joy and love and just...  fullness.

But the real reason I love bedtime is this:

I love the quiet time before sleep finally takes us.

The time when hearts are quiet and heads are clean and nothing is better than mommy's hugs and song after song after song until we are both so tired we can barely keep our eyes open.

I love holding my sweet baby while he nurses himself to sleep...  while holding onto my hand and resting assured in the love that my heart pours out over him.  Calm, happy.

I love checking on my sleeping boys one last time before sleep takes me as well...  and my heart aches with the love that fills it.

I love bedtime.  I will miss bedtime... maybe most of all.

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