so much pain...

Why is there so much pain in this world?  So much suffering and loss?

Why do babies have to leave this earth before they even get to take their first breath or gaze into their mother's eyes?

Why can't we stop this suffering?

Sometimes I just can't handle the pain and suffering this life contains.  

My heart aches for the deep loss a friend is feeling as her baby girl is now waiting for her in heaven...  when she never even got to look into her eyes or feel her soft breath on her cheek.

23 weeks was too early for little Hannah Marie...  and so her mama grieves.

I wish I could take her pain away.  I wish I could heal her hurt and bring her baby girl back to her.

But all I can do is pray.  Cry with her...  mourn with her...  and pray for her.

God, bring peace to her heart.  Hold her in Your strong arms and bless her abundantly.  Please, Lord.

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