more favorite posts...

Since my internet's been flaky here in Maui, and I haven't posted anything new for you...  I think it's time for another little gathering of my all-time favorite blog posts from the interwebs.

These make my heart sing, and I find myself going back to them over and over again.  Enjoy!

"Connecting" by Dash and Bella

a beautiful post about heart-bonding with our rambunctious toddlers.  Love.

"Milestones" also by Dash and Bella

more than just a recipe for making butter with our kiddos.  I need to do this!

"In which I assign positive intent" another jem from Emerging Mummy

reminding ourselves to think the best of our kiddos...  you know, instead of always assuming they are out to get us!

"Cooking Substitutions" by Cooking for Seven

a simple, full list of baking substitutions.  Yes...  this does make my heart sing.  Because it's clear and easy to find!

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