Pink for Baby Cora

Bjorn and I wore pink today for baby Cora.

Yes, those are my pajamas, but they are pink pajamas. And yes, my baby boy is wearing pink. All for a good cause.

Yesterday morning I was happily oblivious. I had never heard of sweet baby Cora or the story of her short life. And then I came across her story (I don't even remember how) and my heart broke.

The short story... Kristine brought home a perfect beautiful healthy baby girl, and less than a week later, Cora died instantly in her mommy's arms. An undetected heart defect.

I read, and my heart broke. My heart broke for Kristine, for mothers who have lost their babies, for mothers who have miscarried, for all the lives affected by such painful loss. I cried. And then I picked up my baby and held him. So grateful for every moment I have with him. So blessed.

Today was Cora's funeral. Her family asked that we all wear pink to honor her life and all those babies who have been lost. How could I not oblige?

Here is Cora's story, as written by Natalie: click here to read it!

My heart is heavy tonight as I think about the pain Kristine and her family are in. As I think about the friends and family in my life who have experienced loss. As I think about my own loss. And I am praying. For all of us.
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