the cravings are changing...

Remember my ice cream craving from my last pregnancy (and a little bit of the beginning of this one...)??

Yeah, this stuff:
Well, that craving has changed.  Now, this new one is not so different, but just as opinionated, and the lonely half-eaten container of Vanilla-Chocolate-Strawberry ice cream in my freezer is now inedible to me.  

My new friend?

Breyers Vanilla, Caramel ice cream.  Well, actually just the caramel ice cream, but they don't sell it by itself.  Only in this duo.  So, yes, there is a container half-full of vanilla ice cream in my freezer too...  This could get complicated! 

But back to the point...  if you have never tried Breyers' Caramel ice cream you are really missing something!  It is so amazingly good.  Just don't grab the last container if we are at the store at the same time, or I will come after you!  ;o)

Oh, and in case you're keeping track...  my blueberry craving has ended now too!  Which is a great thing as I was beginning to worry this little one was going to come out looking like a smurf!

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