a new normal...

Trying to find a new normal these days is taking longer than I had hoped.

Well, actually, the kids and I are slowly adjusting as expected, but 'me time' has completely disappeared.

I'm pretty sure I haven't even shaved my legs since Maren was born because I haven't had time to take a long enough shower for that.  (Sorry if that just grossed you out...  but hey, at least I am taking a shower every day!  That's a feat in itself with 3 littles underfoot!)

What I miss most though, is my kitchen, and this blog.  I miss writing.  SO much.  I haven't even had enough time to write out Maren's birth story yet...  and she's over 7 weeks old!

I miss baking, and cooking, and creating new things in my favorite place...  my kitchen.

There are just so many distractions these days and time is so limited.  Even if I get a chance to bake something, I can't focus enough to do anything right unless I am making something I could make in my sleep (brownies, homemade mac & cheese, soup, etc.).

And you know what?  I miss you guys! 

I miss sharing my little space on the internet with you.  My little kitchen counter, where I often picture us sitting and chatting over a cup a coffee and a sweet new treat, whatever may be coming out of the oven at that moment.

I really do love and appreciate all of you.  I can't even express how much it means to me to know you are out there visiting with me, and that you care enough to come say hi once in a while.

Especially in this foggy-haze of newborn-land, and if you've been here before you know, it can be so lonely sometimes.  So beautiful, but so isolated.

I just can't wait to find a groove again in our new normal, and to have more treats for you to try.

Thanks for being so patient with me, friends.  I miss you too!

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