On our way to Mexico, we spent a day/night in the city enjoying the beautiful weather, all the people-watching, and family time!  Bjørn loves all the excitement of the city, but not more than he loves all the excitement of Grandpa!  :o)

In the afternoon, we spent some time at the park waiting patiently for Grandpa to get home from work...
Really, this is a look of excitement on his face!  :o)  But Bjørn wanted nothing more to do with the swings once he saw his Grandpa walk over!
Aren't they sweet?  And just take a look at these hugs!!  Bjørn has entered a very hug-y, snuggly faze lately and we are absolutely loving it!  Rarely do 5 minutes go by without him wanting to give a big hug...
Aaaaahhhhhhh...  Grandpa.

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