Yep!  Baby #2 is on the way!!

I had been having a really crummy week this last week, and finally something clicked this morning and I thought I should take a pregnancy test.  (Totally expecting it to be a Big Fat Negative, by the way!)

Well, I first took an ovulation test, because I had one handy and I know that if you are pregnant they will always show up as positive.  So yeah, that came back positive, and I thought "good!  I'm either pregnant or at least ovulating!  Either way, it's a good thing!"

Then I remembered I had a bunch of super-cheap pregnancy tests (little strips - you pee in a cup and dip the strip in and test that way) that I bought online a long time ago...  So I took one of those and it also came back positive!   (I'm getting really excited now!!)

But, I just didn't feel confident enough with those tests to start telling people, so on the way to church I ran in to WalMart for a real test (you know, the kind that actually say "pregnant" or "not pregnant" so there's no confusion!) and took it with me to church this morning, where I quickly ran into the bathroom and took the test!  (After drinking an absurd amount of liquids, of course!)  :o)

It was positive!!  Yep, the official 'I'm the best because I use words, not just lines!' test said "PREGNANT"!!!!

Can you tell we're a little excited about all of this?  :o)

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