2 months...


my sweet baby boy...
I can't believe it has been 2 months since you were born!  It seems like it has been forever and at the same time like it was yesterday.

In some ways, I can hardly remember life without you...  and I love that!  But I can also still remember every moment of your labor and birth like it just happened, and I love that too!

We are so in love with you, sweet boy!  You have the sweetest, most loving personality already.  You love to smile and 'talk' to us, and you love to be held and looked at...  if you're not having a deep 'eye-contact' conversation, you're just not happy!

Bjørn especially loves being a big brother to you.  He asks for you often and calls you "mah bb!" (my baby).  His favorite thing ever is to give you big sloppy kisses on your mouth.  And it MUST be your mouth, or he is just not satisfied!  :o)

I'm so excited to see watch you grow and show us more and more of your personality.  You are such a gift to this family, and we love that you are a part of it!

Thank you for being my son.  Thank you for trusting me and for giving me those sweet, sweet smiles!

I love you SO much!!


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