4 months...

I can't believe it has been 4 months already!

4 months since I had the most amazing, soul-stirring experience of my life.  4 months since I found more strength than I ever imagined and experienced more grace and peace than I had ever known!  4 months since I got to hold you in my arms!

Haakon, 4 months ago you were born...  In our home...

I haven't finished your birth story yet, because I am still processing it and 'pondering these things in my heart'.  It is still a little too powerful and sacred to share, just yet...  but I will.  I will share it when the time is right!

You are such an incredibly happy boy.  You smile and giggle and laugh and talk to us all the time!  You are calm and easy going and to be truly happy all you need is eye contact.  No matter the problem, the fussing or the screaming, if we look you in the eyes - you just can't help but smile!

When I am overwhelmed or sad or just plain upset, all I have to do is look into your eyes and everything rights itself again.

We have been through so much together already in your life...  you help me find strength every day.

Haakon, you bring so much joy into our lives and we are so blessed to have you for a son.

I love you sweet boy.  With all my heart!

- Mommy

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