an oreo theme...

For Bjørn's 2nd birthday, I decided to do an Oreo theme.  I know I probably should have done a Dora theme, like he would have asked for if he could talk...  but I just couldn't do it!

I am so not a character theme person.  I don't love character clothes for my kids (yes, they do have a few pieces but very few!) and I don't love character parties.  Especially the cost!

Now there are some character theme parties that would be fairly simple to throw together without much extra cost.  Mickey Mouse for example.  But I just wasn't up to the Dora effort, and since Bjørn loves Oreos, and I have been dying to try this cake pan out...

...I decided that Oreos would be the birthday theme!

We had tuna melts for lunch, with chips and onion dip, and crackers and homemade hummus.  Then, out came the dessert!

A giant Oreo cake!  (actually a giant Oreo brownies & ice cream concoction!)  and of course, lots of Oreos of different sizes, nice cold milk, and two different kinds of cookies & cream ice cream.

I sure had fun putting this all together!!  Especially since I suppose next year I will have to start letting him pick his own theme.  :o)

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