natural partying! I mean, parenting...

Just because it sounded like fun...  & because I am home alone for a week...  & because I want to be cool like my friend Gen over at Uniquely Normal Mom... :o)

I decided to join the "natural parenting" blog party hosted by The Peaceful Housewife!

To start things off, there are some get-to-know-you questions.  I answered them below...

(and am about to go read everyone else's... as soon as I get my rambunctious 2 year old who JUST learned how to climb out of his crib :o( to stay in bed for the night!)  Tips and advice welcome!!!!!  :o)

Ok, here we go:

1.  How many children do you have, and how old are they?

I have three boys!!!  A 9 year old, a 2 year old, and a 4 month old.  :o)

2.  Do you have a partner, or are you a single parent?

I have been married to my husband Andrew for 4 years.  Our 9 year old is technically 'his', but whatever...

3.  What are your “hot button” parenting issues?

Sleep-training and un-informed circumcision really get me going, for sure!  I just wish everyone would hear and really try to understand the truth behind these practices before making such permanent life-altering decisions!

(That said, if you really make an effort to hear both sides before making your decision, I can respect your decision as parents...  it's the ignorance - chosen or innocent - that really gets me!)

4.  Have you made any parenting choices that you didn’t think you would make before you were a parent, i.e. cloth diapering a child when you had previously thought it was disgusting?

Ummm...  yeah.  I was never going to be one of those 'cloth-diapering' parents!  :o)  haha.  Now I'm addicted and would rather shop for fluff than just about anything else!

5.  Is there one book or person in particular that’s heavily influenced your parenting choices?

I guess I would say Ina May's books have been very influential in my life...  I just love her!!  

If I had to pick one specific thing though, it would be the movie The Business of Being Born (I know it's not a book, but same difference!).  That's what really pushed me over the edge into a home-birthing, natural mama!

6.  If you had to describe each of your children using only one word, what word would you use?

Oh this one is tough.  I hate labeling my kids, but for the sake of novelty I will try...  
Navy (9) = teenager.  Bjørn (2) = stubborn.  Haakon (4m) = smiley!

7.  Is there one parenting decision that you regret more than others and wish you could change?

Every single day I regret having my firstborn circumcised.  I was completely ignorant (maybe because I was afraid to be anything otherwise?) and that ignorance is not something I can take back, as much as I wish I could.  :o(

8.  Is there an area of your parenting you wish you were better at?

Oh I completely wish I had more patience!  :o(  I was telling a friend the other day...  I'm pretty sure I almost never swore before I had a toddler.  He sure knows how to push my buttons!!  (Needless to say, I'm pretty much terrified for when he's a teenager!)  :o)

9.  Now for the fun questions – is there one particular food or type of food that you could eat every day?

mmm...  bread for sure!  I could live on bread!  (with butter and cheese, of course!)  :o)

10.  Vanilla ice cream or chocolate?

Breyer's Vanilla Fudge Twirl (best of both worlds!)

11.  What’s your guilty pleasure?

fresh bread.  I have been known to eat a whole loaf myself!!  

(Seriously...  a few months ago, my husband was home when I brought groceries in - including a loaf of fresh french bread - and he said "that's how big those loaves are?!  I thought they were way smaller than that!")  :o)

12.  If you could be part of any television show, which show would it be?

Glee!!  (I just got done watching Season 1 on Netflix!)  Wouldn't that be just so much fun???

or The Pioneer Woman's new show on the Food Network...  I'm almost tempted to get TV again for that one.  I just love her!!  :o)

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