Baby Girl dreams...

Baby Girl,

You are snuggled in my arms right now after a very rough morning.

I'm not sure why you were so sad, but my heart was breaking with yours and lots of prayers were poured over you until you finally relaxed into a peaceful sleep in my arms.

I'm holding your soft, snuggly, sweet-smelling, one-month-old self and for some reason my thoughts are wandering to the future.  I see a playful, rough and tumble little girl...  an emotional, beautiful teenager...  and a confident, mature woman...  my daughter, and my friend.

I am so excited to watch you grow up into the woman God wants you to be.  Not too fast, of course, but excited all the same.

I have prayed for you for so long.  Ever since I was an awkward 15 year old girl, I have prayed for the daughter I would one day have.  I dreamt of you often over the years, and I knew it was only a matter of time until God brought you to me.

I knew there would be brothers before you, and I am so glad God chose the ones you have for you.  I know they will all take such good care of you...  They already can't get enough of their sweet baby sister!

We are going to have our struggles, you and I.  We already do, in fact, but they will change and grow as you do.  One thing that will never change though: How much I love you.

You, my sweet daughter, are a beautiful, strong, loving soul.  And nothing you ever do, or don't do, will change my love for you.  You can't make me love you more, and you can't make me love you less.

I am so proud to be your mom.  And someday, after we walk together through the years of childhood, teenager & young adult-hood...  I pray that you will call me "friend" as well.

I love you sweet girl.

- Mommy

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