my top 5 must-have baby items... after 3 babies!

I was changing Maren's diaper this morning (baby #3!) and for some reason, my mind started going through my all-time favorite baby items...  that I still love and use, or wish I had found 3 years ago!

I was mostly cataloging them for myself, but I realized you might like to hear my list (I'd love to hear yours!) so here it is, in no specific order:

JJ Cole Diaper Caddy - This thing is a life-saver when it comes to changing-table organization.  The carrier is amazing and makes switching up changing locations a breeze ('cause we all know diapers don't always get changed on the changing table!).  But the best part is the pad!  It is a totally wipe-able plastic pad...  meaning you never have to stop and changing a changing pad cover in the middle of the night or after a major blow-out.  A few wipes and you're golden!

Skip Hop Changing Station - I love love love this thing.  In the past 3 1/2 years of diaper changes I have used this thousands of times.  Every time we leave this house, this is with us.  In fact, I used mine so often that I just had to replace it with a new one because I wore it out!!  I especially love that I can grab this and take it in places with me and leave my big diaper bag in the car.

Grovia Magic Stick - This is one of those 'I just discovered this, but I wish I had found it 3 years ago' items.  I can't believe how much I love this thing!  It's cloth-diaper friendly (super important for us, since we use cloth part-time), and the best best part?  It's hands-free!!  Yep!  No hands involved in applying messy diaper cream.  I love it so much and I know Baby Girl is happier since I use it every time I change her diaper because it's so easy.  Oh and I used it on 3 1/2 year old Bjørn when he got a rash lately and he immediately said "Oh!  That feels better Mommy!".  From the mouths of babes!

ERGObaby Carrier - This carrier kind of goes without saying if you know us at all.  I couldn't survive Baby Land without it.  Life is easier, my babies are happier, my hands are free, and my back is ache-free.  All adding up to to make for a happier mom and a happier family!  I used a bunch of different carriers/wraps/slings, but this one is always my favorite.

Aden + Anais Dream Blanket - This is a bit more of a luxury item, but it still lands on the Top 5 Must Haves list for me.  Each of my kids has one and they are the blanket we all reach for most often.  Right now Maren's sweet cupcake and fairy one sits on the chair where we cuddle and nurse.  Both of us love being wrapped up in it, and it's generous size makes it big enough for even my big toddlers to use!

These are the few things I can't live without in New Baby Land...

What are your must-have New Baby Land items?

Disclaimer:  This post is not sponsored or encouraged by anybody.  These companies do not know I exist and I was not sent these products for review.  I just love these items and wanted to share them with you!  (I do, however, earn a few pennies if you buy these through my Amazon store - the links provided - which just helps cover my blogging/grocery bills.  I appreciate your support!)

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