31 days of letters (day 5) a letter to myself... the me who is a mom

Dear me-who-is-now-a-mom,

I know this life is not exactly what you expected or planned.  The everyday is not all the fun and games you had dreamed of, and many days have much more hard than easy.

You are in Holland.  You thought you were going to Italy, but it turns out your plane ended up in Holland instead.  (Please read this poem.  It's beautiful!)

Italy would have been great, and you had big plans there, but you know what?  Holland is beautiful too.  Holland is joyful, and Holland is exactly where you belong.  Holland is home.

It's OK to be a little bit sad about not going to Italy, but it's not OK to stay sad or to wallow.  Holland is here to stay and you need to love it as much as you loved the idea of Italy.

You will never regret deciding to love this place you are in.  You will be a stronger woman for it.

You can do this.

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