31 days of letters (day 1) a letter to my sons...

My sweet boys,

You are such a joy to me.  So rough, so tough, yet so quick to give me a hug, a kiss, an "i love you" when you're in the mood...  & sometimes even a snuggle.  I  can't imagine my life without you.

You made me "Mom"!

You were so wanted.  So prayed for, so loved.  Long before you were ever knit together, you were wanted.  I always knew that I wanted boys first.  That I wanted you all to have each other.

I love that my boys have brothers.  I love that you have each other to play with, fight with, laugh with, grow with...  and I pray every day that you will be best friends as you grow and all through your lives.

God gave you to each other and I am so excited to watch you all grow up together.

There will be fights.  There will be days, maybe even weeks that you don't think you even like each other.  But you know what?  In your hearts you will always love each other.  And one day, you will not be able to imagine your lives without those best friend/brothers by your side.

I pray that you will always stay close.  That you will always be there for each other...  through thick and thin.  I pray that you will find wives, if God leads you to them, that will be friends and learn to love each other, so that you can enjoy that journey of your lives together also.

And I especially pray that as you grow...  as we all walk through this journey...  that you will always know how much your dad and I love you.  How much we care about you and how much you mean to us.

You mean the world to us, my sweet boys.

Grow up to be strong men in this life you are traveling.  Be strong, stand firm and follow what you know to be true.  Don't be swayed by the 'everyone else's...  just because they are doing it, saying it, believing it, doesn't make it right.

And even when you think we are old farts who don't know anything...  remember...  we've been there.  And we love you.  So much.

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