31 days of letters (day 6) a letter to my dad...


I know we have not always seen eye to eye, and probably in a lot of ways because we can both be so stubborn, but I am so glad I am your daughter.

You are a kind, generous, loving man...  and such an amazing Grandpa.

Watching you love on my kids makes me so proud to have you in their lives.  We brag about you often.

Your selfless, always playing, always going, "more again grandpa!", long walks, phone-sharing self brings my children so much happiness.

You are one of the biggest joys in their lives and they talk about you all the time.  I'm pretty sure rarely an hour of their lives goes by without at least a passing thought of you.

I only wish we lived closer so they could have more than just weekends here and there full of grandpa-time!

Thank you for being such a light in our life.  Thank you for being the best Grandpa I could have ever dreamed for my kids!

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