31 days of letters (day 8) a letter to my blog…

Ok, I know I’m pushing the ‘family’ thing here...  but after this long week of no blog, I am realizing that this blog, and you guys, are more family to me than I ever realized.

I missed you.  All of you.

I missed writing, pouring out my heart, and knowing that at least 1 or 2 people cared enough to read along.

I missed sharing the exciting things I find in my kitchen, knowing that a few of you might be encouraged to try something new in yours.

I missed this place, this little corner of the interwebs that I call home, this part of me that in some ways is like another child that I have birthed.

And for a good few days I was afraid I had lost it all.  A little dramatic, maybe, but I will sleep better when everything is secure and running smoothly again in it’s new home.

I think I have lost more sleep over this blog in the last week than I have because of my tiny baby! :o)

Thanks for being more patient than I am…. I’ll be back soon.  Very soon, I hope!

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